I started blogging quite a while ago, but I didn’t really pick it up again until I started jogging with a couple of good friends.  I began to track my progress through my blog.  Ever since then I have added posts about trying to live a healthy lifestyle which includes delicious recipes, exercise plans that I try to keep, things that feed my soul, and really anything else that comes to mind.

And although my focus on this blog is living a healthier lifestyle, I am also passionate about cupcakes. You can find some photos of my cupcake creations and some tips I’ve learned along the way.

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I will be posting one day a week – Friday.

Some favourite posts by readers are:

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking an interest in who I am and what I am passionate about.  Be sure to leave a comment and I will get back to you.  I would love to hear about your life experiences too.  If you have a blog, leave your address so I and others can check it out.

Yours truly,

Erin from Jackman’s Journey

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. So cool about your MDiv! Fun to find another faith-focused person on the interwebs.

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