21day fix21 Day Fix

Follow my journey on the 21 Day Fix from BeachBody. A majority of the posts are from the first round of the fix. I documented my thoughts and things I learned on Instagram and then turned them into blog posts. Check out my 21 Day Fix journey HERE.
Image Courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

Image Courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

    30 Day Challenges

Discover different 30 day challenges along with me.  Join the challenge and/or see how I did in the challenge.  The first post is what the challenge is.  A second post is a check in 15 days in, and then a completed post at the end.  Check out my 30 Day Challenges HERE.
Dukan Diet Journey
Follow my progress of my Dukan Diet Journey.  Enjoy reading about my struggles and successes,  the different phases of the diet, and other tips and advice that I’ve learned along the way. Check out all of the posts of the Dukan Diet Journey by clicking HERE.


This series covers some of my adventures with camping, why camping is great, and the best way to make a s’more.  If you are heading out for some camping fun, be sure to check out the series before you go.  Check out my camping adventures HERE.

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