Wow, we are so early.  We probably could have left more like 9 then 7ish.  There was no traffic on the roads and even though there was only three lines at the border, we didn’t have to wait at all.  I don’t know why we thought it would take us so long.  Hey, now that we are in the US and have some time, let’s stop for a pee break.  Here’s a Burger King.

Wait, don’t lock the door I need to get my purse.

As she was starting to shut the door she heard the above words and tried to stop the door before it shut. Too late.  The door shut – not the full way but just enough that it was locked.  She looked for her keys to unlock it.  Oh NO!

They both peered through the window of the car and there they were, still in the ignition.  Now what!?  Well, she still had to go to the bathroom and so they went it.  They asked one of the workers if they had a phone book and something that would help them get into their locked car.  No phone book – they throw them out – but a coat hanger!  Yes!  There is hope.

God, please let us get the car unlocked.  Thank you for the coat hanger!

Maybe we should ask a guy to help.  They are good at this kind of thing.

It’s dark and cold and scary in a place you don’t know even though you are at a very lit up Burger King.

Should we ask him.

I don’t know.  Let’s just try it ourselves.

Oh God, please help us get it unlocked.  I don’t want to call a tow truck!

Hey, at least we have plenty of time before we have to get to the airport!

Maybe we should just try a tow truck.  We should shut the door tight and save the battery.  (The dome light was on)

She didn’t want t give up.

A scream and jump at the same time from her when an older man came and asked if we locked the keys in the car.  They were concentrating hard on getting the coat hanger snug around the nob on the door.  The nob that is flat with no lip to catch on.  The nob that is slippery and won’t let the hanger catch on.  The nob that we hope will pull up and let us in the car!

Well, you could help us!

Give me a minute.  The man went to pick up his lady in his truck (yes a truck – we thought maybe he might be helpful) at the front door of BK and drove back to us – which was only a few feet away – and put the truck lights on the car so we could see.

Thank you God for sending a good man to help us.  Please help him get it unlocked.

He pushed the hanger through the open space of the door.  He fiddled with it trying to get it hooked on the little flat nob.  Try after try after try.

Do you have Triple A?  

Nope.   We’re from Canada and no CAA.

Well, you could try calling the police. Usually they have something to unlock cars.  If not they could probably call a tow for you.

Oh Lord, please I don’t want to have to call the police or a tow truck.  Please help him.

He tried some more.  Does the door open if you pull on the handle from the inside?

Nope.  That didn’t work.

He tried a few more times.

God, please, just one more time!

She looked away asking God for help one more time.

There you go!

Wow!  So much excitement!  It’s unlocked!  Thank you God!

Thank you, sir.  Thank you so much.  You are my favourite person right now.

Thank you God!  You are great.

45 minutes later we were back in the car, ready to continue our trip to the Buffalo Airport.

Wow, it’s so awesome how God takes care of the little stuff.

Yeah, He knew all along.  The door didn’t shut all the way.  BK had a coat hanger.  We tried, but then a man came along who had a bit more strength then us and got it unlocked!   Oh, and he knew we needed to kill some time!  lol

We were so excited!  Abi and I thank God for taking care of us!  Sometimes, we miss the little things that God does for us to show that he is taking care of us and loves us!  This is a true story that happened to my friend Abi and I on the way to pick up Besmir at the airport in Buffalo.

God takes care of us in all our needs whether big or small!  It’s not coincidences.  It’s God.