Week 5 of Couch to 5K has been interesting.  I thought it was going to be harder than what it really has been.  I would say than what it was but we have one jog left.  What has been happening with C25K…

We decided we would run all 3 days at 6 am.  We talked about on our Monday night run (6 pm) as we were feeling sluggish and heavy after a day of work and eating.  In the morning I feel light and not so sluggish.  It is more of a tired, I just had to wake up kind of feel then the I’ve been working all day and now have to run kind of feel.  I think this is a good decision.  I made change my mind next Monday at 5:45 am.

Monday’s run I felt tired and was beat after our first run.  It felt like a long 3 min jog.  Then after our short walk we ran our 5 min which was not that hard.  Then another 3.  Oh I could recuperate.    “Four minutes!” Yells Julie.  “What?” I yelled back.  “I thought this was a 3 min run?”  Turns out we were doing a different set.  I don’t know why I got confused because we always have a different on Monday.  My initial 3 minutes was actually 5 minutes.  Actually all the runs were 5 minutes on Monday.  Well no wonder I thought it was a hard run the first time around when I was thinking it was 3 minutes!  Glad I got it all straightened out at the end of the run when it didn’t really matter anymore.  It did make us laugh, which is always a good thing when you aren’t a morning person and you are up and jogging at 6 am.

I left for my jog this morning feeling very tired and thinking, “I’m so going back to bed when I get home!”  I think this every morning that we run at 6 am.  But by the time we come back and I eat some breakfast, because I am very hungry by that point, I don’t feel the need to go back to bed.  It’s now 7:26 am and the verdict to go back to bed is still out.  I haven’t yet gone back to bed after a run.  Although, today I might break that trend.

Today we accomplished greatness!  Well, it was great for us!  Are you ready for it?  We jogged 8 minutes straight – twice!  It was not too bad either.  I thought it would be harder but it was easier than I thought.  We didn’t run as fast as normal as Julie is running on shin splint in one of her shins (not fun).  But still, we made it through 8 minutes!  Oh the possibilities are endless!  What about 10 min or 15 or 20 minutes at one time?

Oh wait, we get the possibility of jogging for 20 minutes on Friday!  How exciting.  (Italics added for sarcasm) It’s the halfway point.  That’s all I can figure for the program to make us jog for the full 20 minutes!  What is it thinking, that we are supper runners!  So the plan is to jog for as long as we can, to push ourselves (well that is my plan).  Who knows, maybe we will surprise ourselves and make it the whole way!  Here is hoping.

I will let you know how it turns out on Friday at about 7 am.  I need to leave room for breakfast after that run!

Surprised Jogger,