If you like Cafe’s then you will like Cafe O.  I sure do.  A couple weeks ago I am sure someone said there was a new little coffee shop on Victoria St and that we should go sometime, but I can’t remember who that was for the life of me, so I am starting to think that I was dreaming.

I did drive by one day and thought, “Oh, didn’t that use to be Quiznos?  I’m must check that place out sometime.”  I remembered that thought today and went.  The verdict:  a nice little cafe that has a “European Feel”.  A man who lives in my building came in while I was there and I shared that this was my first time visiting Cafe O.  He and his friend go there pretty much every Friday night and he likes it because it has a “European feel to it.”  He is European.  Romanian I believe.  I understand why he would think that way!

They sell yummy coffee’s and delicious looking pastries and a few other goodies too.  They even sell Turkish Coffee!!  I won’t be buying that since I can just make it at home, but I was excited to see it on the menu.

The only down fall: it’s only open until 6pm from Monday – Thursday.   On Friday’s they are open until 9pm (a good thing).  I don’t remember the hours for Sat or Sun since my main concern was for today once I saw the hours for the rest of the week.  What does that mean for me?  I can’t take my friends there for coffee after 6pm during the week.  I guess it is not that big of a deal.

On the upside I think I have found my little cosy spot when I want to do work away from the office.  It’s quiet and the ladies who work there are very friendly.  Did I mention they have Internet too!

Cafe O is a winner in my books!  It’s on the corner of River and Victoria – check it out sometime!  

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