I’m visiting my wonderful friend, Kristin, and her family.  Although one is missing because he just got married last weekend!  Congrats!  Anyway, it is so peaceful at their house.  It is surrounded by woods and whenever you are by an open window you hear some wonderful noise of the outdoors.  Whether that is thunder while the sun is still shining bright or the sound of the crickets at night or the sound of the many birds chirping in the morning.

Mike and Ruth themselves make it very peaceful.  They are so kind and loving and have such tender hearts.  You can’t help but want to be around them.

I’ve discovered I love the porch in the morning.  There is a wonderful green love seat with two corduroy pillows.  Just perfect for the morning to hear and admire God’s creation, to read his word, pray, write a blog, read, drink tea or coffee and enjoy.  That’s where I am right now.  This is what I need.  A spot I can go to.  A spot I can be refreshed ever day and be in God’s mysterious creation.  I feel joy and peace and close to God in these places.  This makes me wish I had an apartment with a balcony, because I am sure I would be on it every morning.

The last two days I have enjoyed morning love on the green couch enjoying nature and the one who created it!  Where do you feel closest to God and/or find joy and peace in your life?

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