Don’t worry, I’m not going to kick the bucket.  But I am moving to another province.  With that I decided to create a small Ontario Bucket list.  So far there are 9 things.  I feel like I need to find a 10th.  I’m still thinking about what the 10th thing on the list should be.

I’m not going to reveal the list all at once.  I will blog about each one.  Most of them I have done already.  I did watch “The Bucket List” the other day to get in the mood – even though I’ve done almost all of them.  Maybe it was a way to draw my bucket list to an end.

I would love to hear your ideas of what I should do for my 10th event on my list.   It could be just about anything.

Ontario Bucket List #1   Art in the Yard – Elora

For this adventure I went on my own.  It was great.  I saw local artist and their work.  I found more people who create encaustic art, which I really want to try one day.  I was able to try a pottery wheel for the very first time.  I explored the town, which I had never done before even with the many trips to Elora Quarry.  I met a lovely artist who has a gallery there (we’re FB friends now!).  I ate in a lovely little French restaurant – Cafe Creperie.  Wonderful Crepes!  Wonderful service!  Wonderful Chef! I walked along the river.  I enjoyed some me and Jesus time as I took in the day and all of the creativity that was around me.

Visit Art in the Yard for more info on the annual event.
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A wonderful day in Elora at Art in the Yard and more!

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