I love visiting a good cafe.  The problem is that around where I live the closest real cafe is about 20 minutes away.  I do not go often, unless I plan to go on my way home from school.  The upside of this is that I am saving a little bit of money by not going everyday and getting a decaf caramel latte (I miss Cafe O).  The down side, I miss the experience, sitting at a table doing work and watching the people.  There is less distractions and there is wonderful drinks.

Cafe Jackman

How to solve the solution?  Make my own wonderful drinks at home and set up a little area that can be a substitute.  I’m sitting at it right now!  It’s by two big windows in the corner of the living room, so I can have the option of two views.  A cute little table to sit at.  Ability to create my own drinks.  This morning I’m having hazelnut coffee with crushed candy canes, chocolate milk, and a little bit of maple syrup (it might not sound tasty, but it is!).  I also enjoy regular coffee with chocolate milk and maple syrup.  If you have never had it you need to try it!  At Cafe Jackman we also have a shelf dedicated to tea (mostly looseleaf).  It has acquired more since my last picture (which is on Facebook, not my blog – where I thought it was.  Unless you saw it on FB while I was still on FB [see Facebook Escape or Facebookless: 1 Week Already!] then you won’t know the difference.)

I love so many choices of tea from our assorted looseleaf or bag teas.  We have Tetley, David’s Tea, Teaopia, Steeped Tea, from St. Jacob’s Market, and more.   
We did some rearranging in the living room and that is where these great things came about.  I love the checkers on the coffee table!  We haven’t played yet, but it is sitting there waiting to be enjoyed.
Cafe Jackman is always open, so come visit us.  And the drinks are always on us!  
We love having visitors.  A bonus to our Cafe experience is that you can come and enjoy the Mini Farm.  Hmmmm…. sounds like we could actually have a little Cafe here!  For now, it will just be for friends.