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30 Day Ab ChallengeIt’s that time again!  A new month is beginning in a couple of dayss and I am going to challenge myself again!  This time around it is Abs!  Oh boy, I certainly could use this challenge in my life!  The challenge includes sit-ups, crunches, leg raises, and planks.  Thankfully you gradually lengthen the time of the planks cause right now I can’t hold one for long.  And I’m not so great at the leg raises… yikes!  I do have a little bit of ab muscle (not that you can see it or anything) from Jillian workouts but I know I will still be challenged and still be sore!

Why not join me?  If you plan to do it with me, leave me a comment below.  Feel free to  comment with a check-in.  I’ll be posting on Day 15, so be sure to check back on June 15th for an update, and give yours!

If you have lower back problems, you need to be careful with sit-ups.  Visit my friend, Anna’s blog to read about the difference between a sit-up and a crush (taken from LiveStrong).  She is also doing the challenge!  We are starting to build up a little crew of us.  You can be part of it too!

Get your beach ready abs in June with the 30 Day Ab Challenge!

Will join us?  Leave a comment below.