I like Sundays.  Especially the afternoon.  Why?  Well, they are relaxing.  I don’t know about you, but I like to relax on a Sunday.  Not necessarily to nap, but just to do whatever you want.

Today the young adults went to Swiss Chalet after church.  Mmmmm…..I LOVE their FRIES!  Then Besmir and I came home and he did some homework and it is cold in my house, so I played some WiiFit to get warm.  It worked, but then I was tired.  I was saying I didn’t want to nap cause I wasn’t tired….then it hit!
So I have this game for Wii that is called Cake Mania in the Mix.  And I have to say I am pretty good at it, but today….I stunk!  First I said, oh it’s cause I am tired now.  I still lost so then I said, oh it’s cause I’m not sitting in my chair so I pulled it over.  So after sitting on the floor and loosing three times, I sat in  my chair and finally WON!!! Yeah!  Then I turned it off while I was ahead…really I wasn’t cause I already lost 3 games!  
So now, I am just writing here and Besmir is making phone calls.  I’m tired….but I won’t bother to nap now.  Maybe I will find some supper.
Anyways, all this to say that Sundays are for relaxing and doing whatever.  Sometimes I like to read or do other stuff…but today is so freezing that I don’t really want to do anything.
If you have those kind of days, let me know!  I know I am not the only one!!  
Have a wonderful day!
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