It’s me…Erin Jackman.

Just thought I would start a blog. Not sure who will read it but that’s ok. Just one of those things that if I feel like writing I can come here and do it. Or maybe I will turn it into my update blog.

So you can follow the journey or not. It’s up to you!

Right now! Hmmm….right now I’m about to leave work. I work at Stanley Park Baptist Church as the Children’s Ministry Director. I enjoy it, although sometimes it has it’s challenges.
Check out our website: www.stanleyparkbaptist.com Don’t mind my picture, a new one will go up soon, I hope! πŸ™‚

I also work at Extend-A-Family. I like that too. At least I am doing jobs that I like! Extend-A-Family is a organization that funds families with individuals with special needs. This way the family can have someone give relief or take care of the individual with special needs. I work with three different kids. Two boys and one girl. They are all pretty good kids and fun to work with!
If you want more info on the organization, here is their website: www.eafwr.on.ca

So, that’s work. This is just a little bit about what I’m up to now a days. I’m playing soccer on Thursday nights with a league in the area. I’m enjoying that and glad to be playing again! Love it!

I haven’t been doing as much painting lately, but would like to do more. I have been scrapbooking some. My roomate/good friend also scrapbooks, so that helps! I did go to a friends to scrapbook and she has a cricit! So cool! For those who are none scrapbookers, it’s not a bug! πŸ™‚

I got home in November for mom’s birthday and a best friends wedding. I didn’t get home for Christmas though. It was nice to stay around here, but I missed being at home for Christmas too. Hopefully next year. It was nice having my boyfriend (Besmir) and my roomate/goodfriend (Kristin) around to celebrate with. Besmir and I did a lot of visiting and there was 7 of us for Christmas Dinner on Boxing day! Yeah for leftover Turkey!

I’ll get home this summer cause my brother is going to be a dad and gotta see the baby! And my cousin is getting married. So I’ll take a little vacation that way. I’m looking forward to it!

Well, I think that will be all for now. I have to save something to write for next time!

By the way, if you are on Facebook and have me as a friend, I like to play WordTwist and you should play the game with me! I also do that in my spare time. My goal is to beat my mom more then once and to beat Nancy (my cousin!), oh and Aunt Laurie too! πŸ™‚

I hope you have a super-duper day!

Living in Ontario,
Jackman <