My sister responded to my post through e-mail and this is some helpful tips that she gave me to learn Albanian.  Maybe you can use it to help you learn a language you’re interested in!  Just plug in the name of your language where it says “Albanian”.

From My Sis:
That’s great! I have a couple recommendations that helped me learn Acadian.

1) Why don’t you try to only speak Albanian with Bes and his sister [For you this would be someone who speaks the language you are learning] on certain days? You have to figure out what the message with out any English.

2)  Except  you can ask  “How do I say XXXXX in Albanian, and how do I spell XXXX in Albanian? but ask those questions in  Albanian. Have Mon Wed Fri as Albanian days- no english! That’s part of your immersion.

3)If you can, listen to Albanian radio/news 15 minutes a day, even if you don’t understand the language, that way you get the “rhythm” of the language, and tune your hearing to the flavors/accents of the language.

4) Carry a little book with you at all times to write down the sayings/expressions/ and words that you would use in your daily speaking. 10 words a day sounds great, but as you see, it is hard to follow through, and they may not be relevant to your daily living. Review the book any time you have a minute, or a few minutes before you go to sleep. That way it is kind of in your brain while you sleep.

Hmmm…sounds like a plan.  Three days with only Albanian? Boy that’s a tough one.  What about starting with 1 day first and then working my way up to 3 days!  😉  We are strying to get his Sister to learn English too.  But we could do the same with her and make the Albanian day a break for her that she doesn’t have to speak any English….hmmmm…..

Well, there is some tips from my Sis for learning another language.  Why not try it out yourself.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Shihemi me vone – See you later