We are in week 6 of our running (not including the two we had to take off).  We have switched over to running in the morning on Monday’s along with Wed and Fri.  I actually wasn’t going to go on Mon because I didn’t go to bed early enough and was extremely tired in the morning. I thought, “I’ll just run later on my own.”  I laid in bed for a few more minutes.  “Who am I kidding.  I’m not going to run on my own.”  So I dragged myself out of bed and went for the run anyway.  I have no excuses not to run – unless I am seriously injured or sick.  I wasn’t either!  I’m glad I did go, but I thought the run was never going to end.  It wasn’t even a hard one like we did on Friday – a whole 20 minutes straight.  We jogged 5 and walked jogged 8 and walked and then jogged 5 again.  How hard is that.

What does this mean?  It doesn’t matter what time we run on Monday.  It’s Monday and it’s not easy to do much on Monday.  The lesson learned:  Go to bed early on Sunday night!  
This morning we jogged 10 min walked 3 min and jogged another 10 min.  It was better then Monday but I was still catching my breath at the end.  Maybe we jogged a little faster today.  And guess what kids, Friday we jog for 25 minutes straight.  Wow… I’m sure we will do it!  What’s 5 more minutes?  We do have to expand our route a little bit.  We did today by a block.  
One thing that surprises me is that I enjoy the mornings.  It’s quiet, besides the chirps of Buddy and meows of Milo both wanting my attention and food!  I get things done like cleaning or laundry or reading.  Jogging forces me to get up early.  I’ve tried to go back to bed twice (one of those days being Monday), but it just doesn’t feel right.  I wonder if I should do it Tues & Thurs?  It’s hard to wake up without having to run though.  Maybe on those days I will go for a walk.  
Who needs coffee in the morning when you go out in the crisp fall air for a jog or walk.  That’s my jolt for the day!