Week 6 – Completed!
25 Minute Jog – Check!

How exciting!  We jogged for 25 minutes this morning.  We do tend to jog a little bit slower on these long jogs to help us keep up and actually finish the run rather than give it our all and only make it half way.  We did loose one of the girls almost at the half-way mark because she has an injured knee.  We pray that it will heal over the weekend and she will be fit to jog on Monday morning. 

So the two of us that finished the 25 minute jog were not as excited as the first 20 min we ran.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe because all three of us weren’t there or maybe because we were tired by the end of it.  By the time we got back to the apartment we were happy and excited!  I’m glad that we are continuing with this jogging.  My fellow jogger asked if I would keep this up after we are done.  That is a great question.

I was actually just talking about this with my Fiance, because I have a gym membership but I haven’t been going.  Do I cancel and work out on my own?  Do I put it on hold incase in the winter I slack because of the weather and need the gym?  I would like to say I am going to keep jogging, but it is hard when you are on your own.  It has been great jogging with the girls for the encouragement and forcing me to go because there is someone else there.  We did talk a little bit about doing something together after we are done running, but we will have to see what that could be.  Even if it is just exercising together. 

We have 3 more weeks to decide!  Jogging has been in place of soccer which runs from Sept to the Spring, so I need to find something.  I’m not one for jogging in the snow! 

Our 5k run is a week from Sat (Nov 6).  Yikes.  We are going to be two weeks away but I know we can do it!  If you would like to pledge me, just let me know!  The funds go to the Poppy Fund for the Veterans.  I’m sure that run will be something to blog about!

Ready to start week 7 on Monday!!  I would tell you what awaits us, but I don’t know!  It will be a nice surprise at 6am on Monday morning.