I haven’t said anything about running for a while or it seems like it has been a while.  After our big goal of running the 5K race our motivation slipped slowly.  This week, our final week I was sick on Monday.  I still went on the jog but I walked fast most of the way.  I did what I could for not feeling that great.  Wed it was cold and rainy so we worked out inside on the Wii Fit.  We jogged on the spot and did some hoolahooping!  It just wasn’t the same and it kind of felt like I cheated myself.  This morning we got up and ran.  For me it was a good jog.  I wasn’t that out of breath at the end which was surprising since I haven’t really jogged at all this week. It was a good jog for me.

We only have one jog left.  On Monday we will wake up and go for our last run.  I’m sure we will be glad since the cold weather is coming.  I still think about getting up every morning and going for a walk, but it hasn’t happened on the off days of jogging so I wonder if I can do it when my brain tells me that we are finished our running program. 

What can we do know that the program is ending?  Any suggestions?  We still want to keep doing some kind of exercise, just not outside!  Anyone have a good exercise video they love that we can borrow?  Please, nothing too crazy at first.  I think we definately need to do something that involves the three of us so we can modivate each other and keep at it, especially if we plan on getting up at 6am in the morning to do it

By this time next week we will have something figured out!