The winter is just around the corner.  The snow is getting closer.  Very close in some places!  The chill is out there.  Our Couch to 5K is over.  We have decided on what to do next! 

But before I go there, let me tell you about my last jog … until the spring.  It was a beautiful morning.  Warm but with a few rain drops here and there.  By the end of the jog it started to get a little cooler and a little more rain drops.  Although, it was refreshing after jogging and sweating it up!  The jog was good.  I don’t really have much to say about it but that I have the satisfaction of completing the Couch to 5K.  We do plan on picking it up again in the Spring when the weather is a bit nicer and we can run outside again.  I am not one for running outside in the cold and snow. 

That brings me back to what we have decided to do.  I’m so thrilled that my jogging ladies have decided to continue to exercise with me.  It is much more motivating to get up at 6am!  My living room was transformed this morning into a exercise room!  There was only 2 of us and it was the perfect amount of space.  It is going to be a little tight with 3 of us, but it will do. 

We have chosen two exercise videos.  The first:  Burn Fat Fast Cardio Blast with Denise Austin.  The second: 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels.    The Burn Fat Cardio has 4 different cardio workouts that are 10 minutes each.  We chose one to do to get us warmed up (a more detailed review to come).  Then we put on 30 Day Shred.  This is a 20 minute workout that includes strength training, cardio, and abs.  If you are looking for a good Exercise DVD I highly recomend this one and I’ve only done it once! 

Here is the workout breakdown:
– One 2 min warm-up
– Three 6 min circuits of 3 min strength, 2 min cardio, 1 min abs
– One 2 min cool down. 

Some might not be a believer in Exercise video’s, but if you find the right one you can really sweat and feel it!  Jillian definately gets you feeling your muscles and sweating like crazy, but you really have to put the work into it or it’s not going to work.  She has great little motivating lines she tells you!  She has two people you can follow.  One lady is lower impact and the other is high impact.  There is also 3 levels of the work out.  We plan on sticking to Level 1 for now on the low impact, then move to the high impact.  Once we are good at the high impact we will move on to Level 2. 

I’m really looking forward to this.  I think it is time to put the gym membership on hold until I decide whether I really need or not.  I haven’t actually gone to the gym in a while because of jogging, so why am I paying for it.  I think that on the alternate days I will do the cardio video.  That’s the plan.  The other girls don’t know this yet, but if they want to join me they can.  I just want to step it up a little.  If they don’t join me, I know it is going to be a bit harder to get up in the morning to do it on my own.  That will be the test if I can do it by myself and be the deciding factor if I should cancel the gym totally! 

There is the exercise plan for the next little while.  Once that get’s into a good pattern it is time to look at the healthy eating.  I do all right but I do like my sweets!  It is totally about getting the portion size right.  One thing at a time!  Plus, Christmas is coming up!! 

Something to keep in mind:

Just because I am working out doesn’t mean that I can eat whatever I want!

By the way, Wii didn’t get chosen because with 3 of us working out it works better with a video.