It’s only the next year, but I finally made my turkey soup … a week later from Turkey dinner.

It’s hot on the stove and ready to eat!  I love cooking soups.  I got a crock pot for Christmas and people talk about making soup in the crock pot, but I’m not so sure about it.  I will have to try one of the recipes from the book.

There is just something about making turkey or chicken soup from scratch.  Boiling the bones and watching the water turn into a yummy smelling broth and adding all those veggies.  My house smells of a nice mix of turkey soup and banana bread!    I decided not to put any rice in this soup.  I have potatoes, carrots, yellow and white turnip, Jerusalem artichoke, and yellow beats, and turkey of course.  I seasoned it with salt, pepper, and summer savory.  By the way, any New Brunswicker’s reading this could always send me a fresh package of summer savory anytime.  It is hard to find around here.

I am ready to give it a try, but waiting for a certain someone to come home for supper.  Perhaps our guests later will get a taste as well!