Every two weeks I get to do the Fit Test all over again to see how I am doing physically with the workout.  I like this because you are not just keeping track of your measurements, but how your endurance has improved from day one.  I get to see if I can do more of the moves or if I am doing the same or less.  I prefer to be doing more of the exercise rather than the same or less, but some of them are downright difficult for me to do at this point, espically if it has to do with planks or pushups.   

Now that I have been doing the workout for 2 1/2 weeks, I am improving on doing the exercise correctly.  Which I think changed the results of my second fit test slightly. 

So here is the name of the move and my result the first week and then the second Fit Test.

  • Swith Kicks              30 / 39    (hard)
  • Power Jacks             40 /  37   (I think I did the form correctly the second time which means it’s harder)
  • Power Knees            68 / 79
  • Power Jumps            20 / 34  (hard)
  • Globe Jumps              8 /  9   (Med hard – 4 jumps = 1 set)
  • Suicide Jumps            8 / 8 (hard – still working on this one for sure!)
  • Push – Up Jacks         6 / 17  (still doing with only slight bend in elbow – but my push up is improving weekly!)
  • Low Plank Oblique  20 / 30  (not so easy either!)

Weight:  lost 1 lb
Inches:  1″ around waist and 1″ around hips  (as long as I measured correctly!)

I expect to have better results at the next fit test in two weeks.  Then we have a recovery week and then we start month 2 which is even more insane then the first month!  If you want a very challenging workout, I recommend this on! 

I will post another picture at the half way point and then one at the end of the program!  I hope that I see a bit of a difference! 

A phrase that helps me out that’s said by Shaun T (our trainer):

“I’m not trying to hurt you, I’m just trying to make you better!”

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