Month 1 is over!  I am now in the recovery week of the 2 month program.  It is a chance to recover the muscles, but I think it is getting us prepared for the much harder month that is ahead of us … on Monday to be exact. 

You might think, “Oh recovery week, must be easy!”   I find it just as hard as the other work out DVDs.  It is not as intense in the sense that it is fast and lots of exercises, it is the fact that the moves are slower and more concentrated and you hold moves for longer and working on core balance.  I still am sweating by the end and I have found it harder on my knees and legs, so I need to be careful.  I’m not sure if it is because we are doing some exercises that didn’t really work certain leg muscles before or if it is because we are holding the moves longer or maybe it is because there isn’t as much stretching.  I’m just not sure on that one. 

One more day left, then a day off, then back to it on Monday.  We go from our shortest work out of 36 min and the longest of 45 minutes to the shortest being 40 min and the longest being 65 minutes!  And on Fit Test days, we have an extra workout making it 86 min long!  WHAT!?  Maybe we will split that day up.  The Fit Test is such a work out in itself! 

I need to continue to work on getting to bed early so I can get up early enough to be awake for the workout and have a little bite to eat so I have energy to workout!  Definitely that was my problem this morning!

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