I know, I have really slacked in the Origami making!  I totally missed last week.  I know how excited you all were to see what I created!  I created nothing!  But don’t worry.  I didn’t leave you hanging for today!  I did build some origami today. 

Siamese Cat

I did well until I got to a picture frame.  You would think that a picture frame would be easy.  There were quite a few folds.  I am still learning what all the different arrows and dotted lines and the other shapes that indicate how to fold the paper.  Next week I will include some pictures of the “lingo” in order to know how to make origami.  

I didn’t make a lot today, but it is a start.  I hope that I will do at least one each day this week.  Check back next Sunday to see if I really did it!  

Mr. Gold Fish; Mr. Turtle; Mr. Dog; Mr. Bird
They decided to have a photo shoot together.

Join me next week, right here for more blogging.  
Did you know, that you can send in your origami designs and they might get in to next year’s origami calendar?   

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