This isn’t as random as you might think.  My friend, Kristin, has turned me on to Origami.  It started with cranes when she had a goal of making 1000 cranes and many of her friends and family helped her on this venture, including me.  There is a reason behind it.  If you want to find out more you can visit her blog at craigkristinsimmons.blogspot.com  It is a piece of her story.


I am visiting my wonderful friend this weekend and their house is filled with calendars.  Why?  Well her brother ended up with a couple bags full of free calendars after helping out his fiance at work one Sunday afternoon.  She worked at a calendar store.  My first night at her place she had a present waiting in the room where I would be staying.  Guess what it was?  A calendar!  Not just any calendar, it was an origami calendar.  How exciting!

Tonight we decided to origami it up.  Now, this is a calendar, so that means there is one for each day.  I just got the calendar two days ago and this is the first night that we did any of them.  What does that mean?  I have a lot of catching up to do!  Each Sunday I will be catching up on the previous month and a half.  I will try to keep up from now on so I don’t get behind again.

The plan is to feature some of my favourites or ones that were hard to do.  We are called to rest and relax on Sunday, which is what I plan to do while I create origami.  If you never have tried it before, I have plenty to share!    

Check back every Sunday to see what creations have been formed by my paper folding fingers!

    Boat – a little tricky – had to turn it inside out
Race Car

    Paper Cup – I’m sure that you could really use this a couple times!

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