A few weeks ago I got red onions in my loft bag.  I don’t use onions very often, so I didn’t use them up right away.  When I went to get one out of my potato/onion keeper this is what I found.

I left them in the keeper and a few days longer the greens were even longer.  One friend said I should plant them and grow onions.  After I went to check on them and they were very soft and a third one started growing like this, I decided not to plant them.  They did grow fast.  I don’t have a cool place to put my potato/onion keeper and I had the vent open so it shouldn’t have been that warm or moist that it grew like that, but I guess it means I didn’t use the onions fast enough!

They made me smile.  The smaller one probably grew about the size of the large one and the large one grew probably another 1 or 2 inches.  Crazy!  This was probably over 3 wks of having them.

You just never know what your going to get or what is going to happen to the food from the loft bag!

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