I went out around the Big Block again tonight.  The weather seems to have changed so dramatically the last two days that I forgot to take water with me tonight.  I was fine without it last week, but not tonight!  I didn’t get as much jogging in because of it.  Thankfully the church is on the way home so I stopped in for water.  Saved!  Although, I still walked the rest of the way home!

So how far is it anyway?  A whopping 6.2 KM.  Now for some of you this might not be a big deal, but it is for me! Some of you are probably thinking I’m crazy to go that distance.  I encourage you to get out there and get active! Start with 2 or 3 km.  Anyway, as I drove around I kept guessing how many KM it was going to be.  (I’m not that great at guesstimating distances or crowds or really any type of situation with numbers.)  I thought it would be at least 5k, but didn’t think it would be over 6k!

“Will you really keep the goal of being able to jog it by the end of August?”, you ask.

Great question!  I’m so glad you asked!  Here’s the thing.  6.2 KM is a lot!  Last year I ran in a 5K race and I was dying by the end.  Mind you, we only were training on a 4K route, therefore I wasn’t really set to do the full 5k.  With that, I’m going to change my goal a bit.

The new goal:  To jog 5K of the Big Block.

1 day down and 2 more to go this week!  I really need to get up earlier in the morning before the air is smog filled and sticky and suffocating!  And bring water!

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