I have a tennis racket.  It’s been sitting in my closet for a long time.  I’m surprised it wasn’t dusty.  A couple years ago (maybe more then that) I went and played with a few friends from Heritage, but we only went once.  Really, I haven’t played in YEARS!!!    And when I did play I didn’t really know what I was doing and I could improve my game big time!

Last week my friends and I planned to go this week.  It was great.  We didn’t really follow the rules.  One of my friends had never played before so we just hit the ball back and forth and tried to get in as many rallies as we could!  It was a great way to get in exercise, but it didn’t really seem like exercise because it was so much fun.  I do enjoy exercise with others.  It makes it exciting and not as boring.

Julie  – Sue  –  Erin  –  Judi

The four of us in the picture are all friends and we all live in the same building, which is great.  There is also Justin who is taking the picture.  We are looking for another guy to play with us (or girl) to make an even number.  If you are interested, let me know!  We will also have to find a court that has two instead of just one and that we can use for free!

The net is made of fencing.  I guess that is so that the net can be left up all the time.  But as you can see from the picture it causes the ball to get stuck.  It only happened twice.  The first time by Judi and the second time by myself near the end of our playing.

Now we have Tennis Tuesday’s!  I look forward to it.  I’m excited about all of the activeness that I will be doing this summer!  Thank you to my friends for being motivating in getting out there and getting active!

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