One week down and a whole lot more to go!  I’ve started a new adventure at Acadia Divinity College.  It is in a beautiful town, which I am going to explore tomorrow afternoon to find a coffee shop.  I would like to study Greek in style – with a nice caramel latte (Yes, I miss you Cafe O!).

I’ve almost been introduced to all of my classes for the semester.  It seems as though Greek is going to be my heavy one.  More so because of the exercising and the memorization.  Right now I am working on the alphabet and some vocab.  I’m gonna get it down pat for Wednesday’s class!  I can do it!

I have met some great professor’s and staff.   I already knew a staff member and a faculty member from my brief time at ABU (now Crandall U).  It was nice to walk in to the school last Tuesday morning and see faces that I recognized.  I’ve only been there a week but it seems like for some of the people I have met (mainly students) it seems like I have known forever.  I think it is just the feeling that they look familiar and it makes me feel like this is the place I am suppose to be.

Some seem familiar for a reason.  Not that I might know them, but there are connections.  Yes, I am a true Maritimer figuring out how I am connected with someone.  One new friend is connected with some people from my home town because he went to Bethany Bible College with them.  Another is from Riverview and connected to some people I know.  One is married to a guy from my high school (although I didn’t really know him since he is younger then me, but I remember his brothers).   I love finding the connections.  It makes you feel closer to the person when you don’t really know them at all.  It’s starting to build a sense of community.

I do hope to build a new community here, while not forgetting the amazing community (or should I say communities) that are back in Ontario.  I look forward to the new adventure and the new community that will form over the next few years.

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