I collected eggs!  I’ve only done it once so far, but I am sure that over the next few years I will be collecting many eggs.  They are great tasting eggs!  I’m going to use them tonight to make something for supper.  They are free range too!

The goats are cute.  They’re male, so they don’t do too much but eat grass and look pretty.

The llama.  Pretty much the same thing.  He is fun to pet and makes funny noises.  Amusing.

There’s also 3 cats and a dog, but they stick more to the house.

Here is a little video of what you find on our little mini farm!

I think I will enjoy living here and taking care of all the animals (the days I don’t have class).  Although, I do need to invest in a good pair of rubber boots or something instead of wearing my Sister’s every time I go out to the mini farm.

I didn’t see any eggs on the counter when I cam home today, so I better go check and see if there are any out there!

Happy Farming!

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