The Cruise Phase.  It’s been good.  No complaints besides the couple of times that I craved chips and cookies.  But that was won over!  I enjoyed eating veggies.  It was hard to go back to eating protein the next day after eating veggies.

During my attack phase and my first week on the Cruise phase I have lost 9.6 lbs.  I will continue on the cruise phase, but I am going to move to the 2/5 rhythm.  If you recall from my earlier post about the Cruise Phase this is two protein days and five protein and veggie days.  This is recommended to be followed until I reach my true weight.
 I have 15 more lbs to go.  Then it is the Consolidation Phase.  A much more fun phase to be on then the Attack or Cruise phase!  I’m excited to get there.  That’s when I can start bringing other foods back into my healthy eating.

I had my first dinner invitation to a friends for supper on Wed night!  Yikes.  What was I going to do?  I asked her if she didn’t mind me bringing my own meal.  It was weird to do since I really wanted to try her lasagna since I heard such great things about it.  I can say it was definitely different eating something else while everyone ate they delicious looking lasagna.  Oh and did I mention garlic bread and caesar salad.  I could have had the salad if there was no dressing, croutons, and it was fat free cheese.  But that is ok!  I learned that I can go out and still enjoy a meal together with friends and it is ok to take something with me.  Most people are not going to mind.  I had a turkey casserole – turkey, cottage cheese, and a variety of veggies.  It was layered like a lasagna but named it a casserole since there was no pasta in it!

I wonder what next week will bring on this crazy diet!

If you are interested in learning more about the Dukan Diet and recipes that go along with it, visit my friend’s blog Life As a Suitcase

Do you have suggestions for when I end up getting an invitation to eat at a restaurant?  Leave me a comment below.

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