I learned how to make this delicious food from an Albanian.  I don’t know if people make it around here, but it was the first time I heard about it.  I don’t have a recipe written out, as I learned Albanians don’t go by “recipes”.  They cook and bake by how it looks, feels, and tastes.

That was something new for me who typically needs to follow the recipe – especially when baking.  I’m a little more flexible when I cook.  I am going to attempt to write out a recipe for you incase you are so inclined to try cooking these up yourself.  They are definitely worth a try.


Chunks of cauliflower
2 – 3 Eggs beaten
2 – 3 tbs flour
pinch of salt
Vegetable oil (or Olive Oil)
1.  Cook the cauliflower in boiling water until tender.  They taste much better when this is done, I know from experience of forgetting to cook them first!
2.  While the cauliflower cooks, beat the eggs and add some flour and salt to make a light batter.  You should have more egg then flour.  It is not a thick batter.  
3.  Drain cauliflower and take the bite size pieces and coat in batter.  It should look like a think layer on the cauliflower – just enough to coat it lightly.  
4.  Heat enough oil in a pan so that when you place the coated cauliflower in the pan, the are mostly covered.  Once oil is heated, place as much coated cauliflower as the pan will allow.  
5.  Turn over when batter begins to brown.  The batter should fluff a bit.  
6.  Remove from oil when they are a golden brown (see picture above).
7. Serve warm and enjoy!  
These are best eaten fresh, although they can be saved for the next day.
The last time I made this I served them with salmon, beats, beat greens, and roasted sweet potato.  It made for a delicious meal!  Since they are fried, I don’t make them often, but they are a nice treat to have once in a while.  
Do you have any fun recipes from other cultures?  I would love to hear about them.  Let me know if you try this recipe by leaving a comment below.

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