Most of you know that I lived in Ontario for the past 9 years (I moved back to the Maritimes in August, 2011).
While I was there I might have had one medium size carton of Molasses that lasted me for a while.  I do love Molasses, especially on homemade bread!  Delicious!  The thing was that it is not that popular in Ontario.  Not in the K-W area where I was, anyways.

No one shared my love for Molasses, so I didn’t have it that often.  No going into a restaurant for breakfast and finding some Molasses (Yup, I know of some places here in the Maritimes that have it).
No one eats it for pleasure on bread or licks the knife after spreading it on the bread, or some even lick the plate clean (please only do this in the privacy of your home!).  “What? You use molasses for more then just cooking?” would be a question I have gotten in the past.  That’s if people even use it for cooking.  To my recollection I don’t remember having many homemade molasses cookies while I was there!

One day while getting groceries at Price Choppers (who can tell by the picture above that’s where I was?) here in good ‘ol Nova Scotia, I was checking out what was in the isle when I found Molasses – a ton of Molasses.  Not just a few cartons, like you would find at a Price Choppers in K-W but a whopping 6 – 7 different sizes and even a couple different brand names.  My favourite is the jug of Molasses on the left side of all the wonderful options of the goodness.

I remember my first week at ADC, where I’m studying, when a fellow student said, “Oh, I wish I had some Molasses.”  Another student piped up and said, “Check the fridge, I think I saw some in there.”  Music to my ears.  Where else would you find Molasses in a student lounge other then at a Maritime college.

If you have never had Molasses besides in baking go out and by yourself a nice fresh loaf of bread (or better yet, make your own), slather on some butter and load it with Molasses.  Sometimes it is nice dipping the bread in the molasses too.  Be sure to have enough bread so you can get the extra that drips from the bread.

Do you like Molasses?  If so, what’s your favourite way to eat it?  I’d love to hear what you think about the stuff!  Leave me a comment below.

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