Wow, is the Dukan Diet ever hard to stick to!  This week I want to quit.  The funny thing, that’s what Dr. Dukan said might happen.  He gave advice for those who were able to stick to the diet because of motivation.  He also gave advice to those who have a hard time sticking to something like this. The Advice: Move on to the consolidation phase now!
So that is what I am going to do.  On Saturday I will start on the consolidation phase.  I’m supposed to stay on that phase 5 days for every pound lost.  For me, that’s 50 days (5 days x 10lbs = 50 days).  Maybe you are thinking, “Well she couldn’t stick with this phase, what’s to say she will stick to the next one?”  I can’t guarantee that I will stay on the next phase that long.  I really want to get to a point that I can say NO to certain foods and be ok with that and be able to have just one of something and not go back for more.
What’s in the consolidation phase?  Basically it is eating healthy.  I’m allowed to incorporate 2 starchy meals per week – for example I can have pasta, rice, potatoes, and beans.  I’m not interested in the others on the list, so I will stop with these.  I need to maintain 1 protein day a week.  I can have 2 celebration meals a week (basically eating whatever I want).  I can have 1 serving of fruit a day (I’m excited to have this – can’t you tell by the picture of the apple?).  I am also allowed 2 pieces of whole-wheat grain bread a day.  Other than that I keep eating the protein and veggies I have been eating.
Why the change to the next phase?  I am having ridiculous cravings. I’m hoping this will help by being able to have a few more of these things, but still leaving out chips, French fries, sugary sweets/candy, and white flour.  Basically this plan is healthy eating, so it should work for me.  I also will step up my exercise routine as well. 
I think that if you have a big goal that you are fighting to complete and you have tried a lot of other things to loose weight but haven’t been successful then this could be a diet for you.  I’m motivated, but I am going skip to the Consolidation phase and hope that I will loose those last pesky 10 pounds that way. I am learning that I can say NO to food.  I don’t see this as a failure but as a small achievement towards my true weight. 
If you don’t quite achieve your goal, but have gotten a good start at it do you think of yourself as failing or as achieving something?  What is that you achieved?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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