In Theology class we read a lot of Theologians work.  We students, as our teacher tells us, are turning into Theologians too.  In class we read everything except for what we were assigned for homework, but that is ok, because I might not have ever read the excerpt by Mechthild of Macgeburg.  She was one of the most important women spiritual writers in the 13th century.  I am going to post this little conversation she wrote between God and the Soul.  As we read it in class it moved me and I felt God’s presence and knowing that He truly loves me and cares for me.  I’ve known this all along, but I thought I would share anyways.  You might have a totally different reaction, and that is ok.

God:  You are hunting desperately for the one that you love; tell me, what do you bring me, O my Queen?

Soul: Lord, I bring you my treasure; It is greater than the mountains; It is wider than the world, deeper than the sea, higher than the clouds, more brilliant than the sun, more numerous than the stars, weighing more than everything.

God: O image of my Godhead, ennobled by my own humanity, adorned by my Holy Spirit, what is your treasure called?

Soul: Lord, it is called my heart’s desire, which I have taken out of the world, kept to myself, and denied to all creatures.  Now I can bear this no longer.  Where, O Lord, shall I lay it?

God: Your heart’s desire you will lay nowhere other than in my own divine heart, and in my human breast.  There alone will you find comfort, and be embraced by my Spirit.

The Soul here has put her heart’s desire and trust in the hand of God.  She finds rest in Him.  Just as I find rest in Him and I receive God’s embrace that I may fully live.

Where is your heart’s desire? you know what to do… leave me a comment… whatever it may be.

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