I have discovered a new hobby!  I’m wondering if you would really call it a hobby, but all the same I really enjoy decorating cupcakes.  Partly because I get to use an old metal frosting tube which is so much better than the cloth bags and because of the creativity that happens.  I thought I would share a few photos of my most recent cupcakes that were given as a birthday present.  

This frosting tube is similar to the one I use.  I don’t own it, so I am going to have to find one! And this is a newer version of what I use.




B&W Swirl

One of my favourites. I love using the star tip, which you might notice.






B&W Ribbon Dot







B&W Ribbon







Red Sugar






Green Tree








I was trying to make Mickey but it turned into a panda.













As I decorate more cupcakes, as I am sure I will, I’ll post them to help generate ideas for you too!  Get out there and frost away!  They taste good too!

When you frost cupcakes or cake are you messy or tidy? 

You know what to do, leave your comment below!