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Last Fall (Sept 2011) I started my Masters of Divinity.  I took a Theology course in the Fall and Winter.  One of our assignments for both courses was to write a Credo Statement (your beliefs on a certain topics).  The Fall semester we wrote on Revelation, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Trinity.  The Winter semester we wrote on humanity, sin, church, salvation, and end times.

As the year was ending the social rep. was looking for “talent” for our year end banquet.  I don’t sing or play guitar in front of people but i could show some of my art.  That started to get me thinking about the pieces I had at home, my credo, and more pieces I could add to it.  I put it together and there it all was.  I thought I would share the paintings with you.  They won’t be as good on here as they are to see them in person, but you will get the idea.  If you are really interested in what I wrote about, let me know and I can always send you a copy of my credo statement.  But I won’t bore you with that on here.  I will only give you the title of the painting (under each piece) and let your creative minds do the rest.


Revelation.  God reveal’s himself to us through nature.  Medium: Oil

Trinity.  Medium: acrylic

Humanity & Sin.   Medium: Acrylic

Salvation.  Medium: Acrylic

Atonement.  Medium: Oil

Ekklesia (Church).  Medium: Oil and Acrylic

The End Times (Eschatology).  Medium: Oil

What is your favourite medium of art?