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Happy American Thanksgiving!  I’m Canadian and I haven’t participated in American Thanksgiving before.  I’m not sure if that is what we were even doing or if it was an excuse to get together and eat some turkey.  But not just any turkey.  Deep fried turkey!

Friends decided to do this last year, but the set up was a little more ghetto, from what I hear. They did it again this year so I decided to go.  Thanks to Kijiji it was a little more sophisticated this time around. I’m sure it will get better every year.  I was surprised to find that deep fried turkey tastes

great!  You would never know that it was deep fried.  After the turkey was done, we through in some potatoe wedges.  The spices and flavour of the turkey in the oil gave them a great taste.  They wanted to try and fry other things, but only a few carrots found themselves in the pot.

Thank you to Tara & Luc for the opportunity to enjoy some good deep fried turkey!

Here are some pictures of the turkey deep fry:

Frying it up!  It took about 35 – 40 min.  We were all gathered around but it was too cold outside to stay out and watch it cook.

Taking it out.  It was tied up with wire and a coat hanger to pull it out!

Getting it ready to eat


Look at all that yummy turkey!

My plate of goodness.  Yes, I put ketchup on my turkey.

I wish I had a picture of the cookie bowl filled with chocolate that I ate for dessert.

How do you like your turkey?