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Happy Birthday Sister!

Happy Birthday Sister!

The correct term is a Penny Farthing. The high wheel bicycle came into being in the 1870’s. I think when we were kids we had a high wheel tricycle, so not quite like this because it had two wheels on the back.

So, why a penny farthing as a pull-a-part cake? My sister loves bikes! Any kind, but mostly the older style of bike. Her birthday was coming up and I wanted to make her a cake and something to do with a bicycle. So I did a google search for “bicycle pull-a-part cake” and I wasn’t satisfied with what I saw. By the way, if you do the same google search now, you’ll find this cake there.

As I scrolled the google search I saw a high wheel bicycle… a Penny Farthing. As I looked at it I thought, “Oh I could make a pull-a-part cake from that.” I knew that using regular sized cupcakes would result in a massive cake and we didn’t need a massive cake. So I decided on mini cupcakes. This was my first pull-a-part cake using minis.

It turned out amazing! I’m so glad that my sister loves bicycles so I could explore this idea and create something brand new that I had not seen before. Here is a secret: I usually find ideas from Google or Pinterest.

How to Make a Bicycle Pull A Part Cake Step by Step

Step 1: Make 48 mini cupcakes of the flavour of your choice. You need 43 for the pattern.

Step 2: Place Cupcakes in bicycle design on cake board

Bicycle pull a part cake

Step 3: Make vanilla buttercream frosting. Leave white and decorate minis as shown.

Bicycle Pull a Part Cake Step 4: Take some vanilla buttercream frosting and add some cocoa to make brown frosting. Use mixer to blend well. Make enough to use for black parts of the bicycle. Decorate 4 minis for basket. Leave a bit of space on top two minis for flowers. I used the basket weave tip.

Bicycle Pull a Part Cake

Step 5: Add a little bit of black colour gel to your chocolate frosting. Decorate handle bars, seat, wheels, and wheel bars.Bicycle Pull a Part Cake

Step 6: Use vanilla buttercream frosting and add desired colour gel for the frame of the bicycle and a line on the seat and decorate as shown. You could also put a line on the bicycle handle.

Bicycle Pull a Part Cake

Step 7: Colour vanilla buttercream frosting in two or more desired colours to create flowers in the basket. You can decorate as shown below or anyway you would like. 1491624_391292571072299_4220258232648693221_n

Step 8: That’s it! Enjoy and share with friends!

Happy Birthday Sister!

Happy Birthday Sister!