This morning was cold.  I normally wear a tuque because if there is the slightest bit of cold air it gets into my ears and then they feel funny and very uncomfortable.  But today, I had to wear mittens too.  I had room temperature water and when we got back from our jog it was cold!  This morning was really the first real cold day!  

As you know (if you are keeping up with my blog) that we jogged for 25 minutes on Friday.  I thought that we would be running a bit less today and working our way up again to Friday like previous weeks, but nope – it was another 25 minute jog.  In fact all week we will be running 25 minutes jogs.  Really, that gives us no excuse to want to run less and walk more because we will definitely know that we can jog 25 minutes.   Our phone holder didn’t even bring her iPhone that tells us when to walk and run because we know the route so well we know when to start jogging and when to stop.  I never thought that day would come.  

We did accomplish our 25 minute jog today and I know we will accomplish our 25 minute jog on Wednesday and Friday too!  The difference this week?  We have an extra 5k run on Saturday.  This was our goal to be participating in this run.  I thought it would never come, but it is here. At the beginning of Couch to 5K we thought that for our 5K run at the end we would be jogging for 10 min and walking for a few then jogging again, but really we could jog for 25 minutes!  Who knows, maybe we will surprise ourselves and jog the whole way!  That would be something to celebrate seeing that we still have two weeks left after this one to finish our Couch to 5K!

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