A family Christmas morning breakfast.   The smell of turkey, coffee, and frying bacon.  Every year growing up we had Cheese Dreams on Christmas morning after we opened our presents.  When we were kids Dad would put marshmellows on top, but as we got older was asked Dad to not put marshmellows on them. 

My Dad always says, “Be careful not to leave them in the oven too long or else you will have Cheese Nightmares not Cheese Dreams.” 

Out of the oven

So Delicious!
8 thick Cheese Slices
8 pieces of your choice of bread
3/4 package of bacon
Toast bread and cut into three slices from top to bottom
Cut cheese slices into three strips and place on pieces of toast
Fry bacon in whole pieces.  When cooked cut into two pieces.
Place the strips of bacon on top of the cheese.
Place cheese dreams on cookie sheet and place in oven
Cook on grill at 350 until cheese is melted.  It is important that it is grill (heat from the top not from the bottom) so that it melts the cheese and heats up the toast. 
Watch them carefully so that they do not burn and become cheese nightmares.
Serve and Enjoy!