I love Christmas food!  Particularly Christmas dinner!  I made dinner on Boxing day.  We had friends from church join us.  It was a wonderful meal and a wonderful time with good friends. 

The turkey turned out to be wonderful.  I put the turkey in at around 8am and took it out around 12 noon.  I cooked it in a bag.  It is so much easier this way, except you do not get as many drippings.  It is cleaner.  You just throw out the bag after and it does not take as long to cook.  The meat was falling off the bone.  Wonderful!

Hot steaming turkey with dressing! 
I didn’t think that there was enough drippings to make gravy, but I tried it anyway and it turned out perfect!  My Daddy taught me well! 

I also made Apple Pie and Rhubarb Custard Tarts.  I don’t make pie very often because the crust is not easy to make, but it turned out great!  I think the more I make crust the easier it will become.  I guess I have to make it more than two or three times a year.  My Mom told me the secret to a good pie crust when she gave me her apple pie recipe.  I would tell you, but then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.  This is one recipe that I will not be sharing! Some things you need to keep in the family. 

Santa Says:  “Don’t Eat My Pie!”
We also had masshed potatoes, carrots, squash, and coleslaw.  We enjoyed some homeade pickles, relish, and beets that my cousin made.  We ended dinner with our pie and tarts followed by a great game of Phase 10. 
Our Christmas dinner brought back good memories growing up with my family.  Now I am forming new memories with my fiance and remembering the old ones.  What will Christmas look like next year?  I don’t know but hopefully surrounded by people I care about a traditional Christmas dinner and apple pie.