Today my alarm didn’t go off so I didn’t have time to do the almost hour workout this morning.  My workout partner is going at it tonight (which I can’t make it), so I decided to go back to Gillian Michaels “30 Day Shred.”  This is only a 20 minute workout, so I could fit in before work.

I wondered if it would be any easier than it was when we first played the DVD in November.  I decided that I would stick with Level 1, although I’m sure after a month of Insanity I could have jumped right to Level 3!  Really, I wanted to see the difference.  Would I feel the same about the video or would I find it easier.

The verdict:  EASY!

It was a really good workout, but definitely not as hard as the first time around.  I could actually do some  push ups (although still only bend my elbows half way).  When I started I couldn’t do any pushups.  I also was faster at the cardio section and found myself making them a bit harder by combining them with what Shaun T does.  It was also nice doing regular crunches instead of the V ab ones that Shuan T makes us do!  Those are killers.

There is one weight exercise that I could not do well when I had weights in my hands, and I found that it I had more balance to do them properly this time around.  The move is anterior hand raises (hold the waits in front of you and lift up to eye level – image to the right) and side lunges.  It must be all of those squats and lunges that we do too many times with Insanity.

This is what I am thinking.  I want to keep up with Insanity, but sometimes I have energy later in the day if we do it in the morning or if we are going to do it at night, I would still like to wake up early in the morning.  I’m thinking that on those days I feel like I can do a little extra, I might pop in Gillian’s DVD and do it up.  It’s only 20 minutes.  I’m sure that by the time I’m done Insanity, 30 Day Shred will be a wonderful treat of a workout!

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