Have you ever gone camping and been caught in a storm?  We did on Saturday night.  It was not too scary.  The clouds were rolling by so fast and it got so dark it was eerie.  It was only 7pm, so we knew something was coming along.  We packed everything into the cars not caring where things went in the car.  Covered the BBQ and wood with a tarp (we want to keep things dry) and got the fire going to try to get it some s’mores before the rain started.

The Storm is rolling in!
The rain started and we jetted for the tent!  It was really windy and at times we were holding up the side of the tent with our hands.  I thought it was going to cave in on us a couple of times, but it didn’t.  The thunder was so loud!  The rain was so hard.  The rain lasted for about 45 minutes.  The debate began.  Should we go or should we stay?
(it looks dark, but there really is a video here – we are in the tent)
Ah!  We survived the storm.  Thank you God for keeping us dry (besides a few drops that came in on the blowing down side that we kept up with a single air mattress.  It was damp on that side, but not wet.  We heard a lot of other neighbours who got WET!

The end of our fire that God reignited for us!  Amazing.  We were the only fire for quite a while.  We burned the rest of our wood.  Chatted.   Enjoyed the after storm of quiet until the neighbours started awakening from their cars and tents.  And we had another smore.  I really do think the peppermint patty smore is my favourite!

That was our storm.  It wasn’t that bad of a storm.  Interesting to be in the tent with the crazy wind, but not as bad as it could have been.  The next morning we did see branches blown down and a very thick branch cracked and hanging by its threads from the tree, but thankfully nothing fell on us and hopefully not on anyone else.  We were in a good spot that the rain didn’t run to our tent.  That happened a couple different times while I was tenting. Except I think they were older tents.  Sleeping bags and everything else soaked!

The tent is being dried and aired out at one of the girls houses since it would be a bit awkward drying it out on the apartment building lot!  Some of our things were mixed together as I cam e with one friend and went home with the other, but I think we have things sorted out.  Overall it was a good weekend!  I’m not sure if I have time for another camping trip this summer, but I’m hoping to get camping a bit more next summer.  I love it!

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