One thing that I enjoy about camping is being surrounded by God’s beauty.  God created something that is so marvellous and mysterious and creative and soul resting.  To be in the middle of nature – God’s creation – lifts me up.

I know there are many people who don’t enjoy camping or they enjoy nature but wouldn’t stay over night.  I am in a tent so I feel relatively safe.  I haven’t gone hardcore and gone out with a back pack and slept under the stars without the slight safety net of shelter – the tent.  Which let’s be honest – anything or anyone can get into a tent so it really isn’t that big of a safety net.  There are people all around you being loud and at times crazy and you just want to tell them to be quiet.  But there are so many good things about camping which I’ve already mentioned – the sitethe campfirethe foodthe storm – but most of all the beauty.

I don’t know how to express how I feel when I am camping but all things are good.

I swam out past the rope
As I was treading water I looked out all around me
Surrounded by God’s amazing creation
I gave him thanks for what he has done for me
For where he has brought me and where he is taking me
He is my source and my light and my life
All I can do is find beauty and mystery in what he has made

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