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CampinI love camping.  In a tent.  In New Brunswick when I say generally you think camp ground.  When I was in Ontario when I said camping some thought I meant out in the woods where no one else was around.  They called my kind of camping “Car camping” or something like that.  Just another one of those odd things Ontario people say.  Kind of like how they thinkI say “Tourist” funny.  They made me say it over and over again.  What’s with that!?  I won’t name any names, but you know who you are!

Back to camping.  A few summers ago I wrote some posts on my camping experience.  In this post you can find a link to each one and check it out.  I hope you enjoy and are inspired to camp, whether it’s in the “real” woods or the “fake” woods at a campground.  Either way you are out in nature and enjoying life.

By the way, in no way does camping involve any electronics except maybe the radio in your car as long as it doesn’t keep me up all night.  If you bring your Nintendo DS, tablet/iPad, check your cell phone constantly, have a DVD player and watch movies, and whatever else then you might as well stay home! Get creative with activities for your family and/or friends, whoever you go with.  There are usually lost of things to do or just relax and read a good book.  *End of rant*

Series: Camping

Most of these posts were written a couple of years ago, but I thought they deserved a series page.  The S’more Goodness post was not while camping, but you can’t camp without making s’mores at least once.  This post will give you a how to video of making great s’mores!

Enjoy and have fun camping!