A delicacy!  I wouldn’t put it quite like that.  Cream Peas on Toast is more a poor man’s dinner or something that is nice and quick.  For my Dad and I it’s a nice treat.  It’s not for everybody.  Not many like it and I’ve only run into a few people who know what it is.  I even met someone who added a little excitement to it by adding one ingredient, which I love.

If you have kids that won’t eat vegetables, try this recipe at least once.  Maybe they will eat their peas!

The white sauce used for this recipe is taken from a cook book by The Ladies Auxiliary of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch No. 32 of Hillsborough, New Brunswick in 1967.  My Nanny Jackman was a contributor to the cook book.  She made this recipe for my Dad’s family often.  Now it has been passed onto my family.  Although, my Mom doesn’t make it at all, so once in a while when I go home I will make it for Dad and I when Mom is out.   My Dad also told me that Nanny Jackman would also make the white sauce with lobster and put it on toast for supper.  Mmmm, that sounds wonderful.  He did say that it might have been from a can that was probably smaller than a can of tuna.  Although, years ago lobster was today’s peanut butter and peanut butter was today’s lobster.  Interesting how things have changed over the years.

Traditional Version of Cream Peas on Toast

2 cans of peas
1 C milk
3 tbsp flour
2 Tbsp butter
1 tsp salt

1. Make the white sauce first by melting the butter in a pot and then add the flour.  Once the flour is stirred into the butter add the milk and stir well.  Let the sauce come to a boil and reduce heat.  It should begin to thicken.
2. Once the sauce begins to thicken well you can add the peas.  Sometimes you can get away with using 1 can of peas, but if you like more peas and less sauce use 2 cans (photo above is with 2 cans).
3. Make toast and butter.  Pour Cream Peas over the toast and serve.  Add pepper and salt to taste.

Notes:  You can half the recipe for 1 person.  I’ve done this many times.  It is not so great as a leftover.  Be careful with the sauce because it is possible to let it get too thick.  You do not want this to happen.

Exciting Version of Cream Peas on Toast

Do all the same as for the traditional version but also add a can of Tuna along with the peas.

A few Ideas from readers:

– add salmon instead of tuna

– put over pasta instead of toast

– add a little curry powder 

– use a can of cream of mushroom soup instead of the white sauce

If you have made this before and have ideas of how to make it more exciting, please let me know.  If you have never had it you have to try it at least once.  Let me know what you think!  Maybe you will get creative and put your own excitement into it.

Update (Nov 4, 2016)

Wow! Thank you for all your comments and proving that this is a loved dish that brings back many memories of families sitting around the table together. I’ve enjoyed reading all your comments and memories around creamed peas on toast. I’m sorry I can’t respond to all your comments, but I love reading your stories, your variations to the recipe, and even trying out some of the different ways to serve this dish. Thank you!