Before I moved from Ontario I wanted to visit a couple of places.  One of those places was the Town of Erin.  Why wouldn’t I want to go to a town that was named after me!  I didn’t stay as long as I would have liked to, but I went through on the perfect day.  So many things were named after me!  Where is your town?

I hope you enjoy the pictures and if you are in Ontario and you miss me, just go visit Erin for the day.  Relax and take in the small town and think of me.  In case you did not know, I love visiting small towns and exploring the shops and cafes.  Sometimes you find a lot and sometimes there are only a couple.  I did like Erin but my favourite was Elora.

They got it right.  I am quite charming!
I’m trying to be healthy.  I thought I would have my own wellness centre.
My town.
Of course there has to be a day to celebrate ME!  But they forgot to tell me about it and I missed it!
Erin Community Church.  

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