A couple years ago I wanted to make chicken with a crispy outside but didn’t want to use Shake ‘N Bake. I also wanted a healthier alternative so I looked up a recipe.  I remembered this tonight when I was cooking fish for supper, but I didn’t bother to look up a recipe.  I thought I would get a little creative and just try out using whole wheat flour and some herbs.  Did it work?  Read on and find out!

This is what I did:

I took some whole wheat flour and put it in a bowl (enough that you think will cover the amount of meat you have – can be used on any meat like fish, chicken, pork chops, etc.).

Then I added crushed basil leaves, parsley flakes, pepper, dried lemon and herb to the flour.  You can add whatever herbs or spices you would like.  Don’t be afraid to be generous with the herbs and spices.  Sorry, I don’t measure when making this type of thing.  I just throw it in and see how it ends up.  If you are stuck on measurements, just try it out and see what happens.  Be creative with your cooking!

After you mix the whole wheat flour and the herbs and spices together prepare the meat (I used fish) by covering it with olive oil or egg white.  I’ve always used olive oil, but my Sister asked if I wanted egg white, so I tried it out.  It was awesome.  A little tip from my Sis:  use the egg white and yoke and mix together to get a thicker coating on your meat.

Do one piece at a time.  I find it more manageable.  You can put your mix in a bag and shake it all about, but I just put it in a bowl and use a spoon or my fingers to get it all over the fish.  Once it’s all battered up, put it in a pan with about a tbsp of olive oil.  (You might need to add oil depending on the size of your pan and how much meat you are cooking)  Then pan fry your fish until it is cooked to your likeness.

For oven baked fish or meat, you can do the same.  Try cutting up fresh, local veggies like sweet potatoes, carrots, and yellow beets and cooking it in the pan with your chicken or pork chops.  You could also cook them in a pan separately.  I loved baked veggies.  This combo is my favourite.  Mix the veggies with olive oil and your favourite herbs/spices and bake until desired tenderness.  Lovely meal combo!

When cooking meals, remember to try and be creative.

P.S. I’m sorry I don’t have a picture.  It was so good that it was gone before I even thought of snapping a picture.  Oh, and yes, it sure did work!  It was mighty fine tasting!

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