Before I left Ontario there was a few places I wanted to visit.  I had never been to Wasaga Beach before, so while my parents were visiting in July we went.  It was crowded and hot and lovely!

We only stayed for a couple of hours, which was just enough since it was so hot that day.  I don’t think that I had been to a beach with that type of atmosphere before.  It made me think of something you would see in the movies with all the beach shops and people.  We also visited a candy store (one of many that I went to this past summer).  That is where I discovered peanut butter M&M’s.

Here are some pictures from my point of view.

The shops and bars at Wasaga.  There are many others, but this is just from the beach area.

So many umbrellas!  Us included.

I loved the water here.  The temperature was perfect.  Although I prefer the salt water of the ocean, the benefit here is not having to worry about jelly fish!

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