Facebook.  A social media.  A connection with friends.  A information hub about others.  A huge distraction!

I’m sure Facebook means something to you.  At this point in my life Facebook has become a distraction.  I want to go on it all the time and perhaps that is part of procrastinating from school work, but I can’t do it anymore.  Yes, I might find another way to procrastinate, but I am hoping this will help the problem.

I will loose the ability to connect with friends easily and let everyone know what I am doing all the time, but really, does everyone need to know what I am doing ALL the time?
It makes it so easy just to check on FB instead of actually picking up the phone or writing an email (which I heard some people talking the other day saying email is a thing of the past.  I’m not sure if I agree with that just yet.).  There are definitely ups and downs to leaving FB, but for now it’s only until the end of November.  After that I will revisit and see how things go.  I’m debating on doing again for longer during Lent.

To help me really not go on FB I will deactivate my account, because let’s face it, if my account is still active I am going to go on there.  If it is deactivated then I won’t do it.  That’s how I went cold turkey with Farmville and it worked, so here’s hoping!  

If you connect with me normally on FB, you can always send me an email or give me a call or add me to Skype (jackmastere).  I’m not getting rid of all forms of communication, just the one that leads me to not focus on school.    I hope you enjoy FaceBooking while I am gone!   Bookmark my blog and maybe you will see a few blogs here and there.

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