So far tonight I’ve come home and shared supper with family, cleaned up the kitchen a bit, fed the animals and finally have come to the computer.  This is not much different then any other night, except for the fact that I didn’t think about Facebook at all during this time.  I haven’t thought about Facebook at all today.  When I say that I haven’t thought about Facebook, I mean that I haven’t thought about needing to check it and see what is going with my FB Friends or worried about not having my FB account.

It has been a week since I decided to take a break from FB.  It doesn’t seem like it’s been a week, maybe a couple days, but not a week.  I look at that as a good thing!  The first couple of days it was very weird not signing on every time I used my laptop, not giving a status update, not creeping on peoples page to see what they were up to or saying to other people, and not spending hours looking at videos on Youtube after being linked to the site when I watched a video someone posted.  There was a feeling of disconnect the first few days.

The only thing I miss about FB is how easy it was to connect with friends (the ones that I would send messages to or talk to often through this social media).  How do I do it now?  I send an email or Skype them.  I do have a twitter account and have tried not to up my usage just because I don’t have FB.  I’m not obsessive about it like I was with FB.  It has been a bit of a substitute for status updates, but I am still trying to not use it that much.

What I have been doing instead of being on FB?   Homework.  Reading.  A little chalk art.  Going to bed at a decent time enabling me to wake up early to exercise.  Dealing with life.  Trying not to substitute something else as a procrastination tool.

That’s been a little bit about my experience on giving up FB.  I think that as I continue with this it will be refreshing and I do hope that I don’t substitute the lack of it for something else, like Twitter.  If you see me on there too much, let me know!  I doubt I will post on this topic again unless I am really struggling with it.  I will also be honest with my readers and let you know if I gave in and signed on to FB.  I don’t want to have to tell you that, so this will help me to keep myself from signing in.

See you again on Facebook after the semester is over – after my last exam!

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