I’ve always wanted to make my own omelettes.  I’ve tried in the past but they haven’t turned out that great.  The funny thing is I don’t really like ordering them when I eat out for breakfast (and I love eating out for breakfast).  I think it is because they always have things in there that I don’t want in them and I don’t want to be bothered to ask them to leave it out because it normally ends up only having cheese in the omelette.

I have access to a small frying pan and flipper, which I think are key to making a lovely omelette.  I can also put what I want in them – no onions or peppers!  I also fluff them up.  I use an electric whisk.
Something like these (either one works):

This fluffs the egg up really nicely!

Today I added cheese, kale, and some lemon herbs.  It was delish!

I’m not going to go into details about how to make the omelette, but if you are curious, just ask.  
                                                      Or go to www.allrecipies.com  
                                                      A great cooking website!

The eggs do make a difference!
These are our own free-range eggs.

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