Boxed Brownies … never again.  Well, not that I made them very often anyways.  I’m not sure why but brownies is something I never really made much.  A while ago I found a recipe that I thought looked pretty easy so I wrote it in my little recipe book of favourites (which I don’t usually write in until I make the recipe and see that it is book worthy).  Well my friends, this recipe is definitely a keeper!  They were absolutely delicious.  I couldn’t stop eating them.
Thank goodness I have a little more freedom with what I can eat now (see my Dukan Diet Series).  I had company over the other night so I made them for dessert.  Wow!  So good!

{check the bottom of this post for an awesome brownie contest}Now that you know they are awesome brownies, I’ll fill you in on the recipe.  It is so easy.

2 C of sugar
1 C of cocoa
1 C of flour
4 eggs
1 C  butter or margerine
pinch of salt

1 – mix dry ingredients together (flour, cocoa)
2 – mix together butter, eggs, and sugar
3 – mix dry and wet ingredients together
4 – pour in a greased pan and bake for 25 – 35 minutes at 350.
6 – Let cool for 10 min in pan then remove to rack
5 – Ice with chocolate icing

– For the cocoa I used Hershey’s brand, but you can use whatever you have.
– I used whole wheat flour instead of white.
– I ended up putting everything together at once because I didn’t follow the directions and it turned out just fine – just incase that happens to you.
– I used chocolate whipped icing from the container, but you can use whatever kind you like and I’m sure it would be just as good.
– I made the icing a little fancy looking, but you can just slather it on with a knife too!


Do you have a favourite brownie recipe you would like to share with us?  Or have you made brownies that turned out disastrous? Do you even like brownies? Let me know below by commenting below.  I’d love to hear about your brownie experiences.

Sorry for the lack of picture quality. Cell phone camera and bad lighting.

Brownie Bake Off Contest   Submit your favourite brownie recipe (from scratch please) in the comments or by e mail at jackman {dot} erin {at} gmail {dot} com by April 20th and the bake off will commence.  I will blog about the bake off and contest winners May 20th!  Prizes for best and worst brownies!  So even if you don’t really bake – you can still win a prize.